Why Is My Heating System Making a Loud Noise?

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HVAC maintenance

In any heating system, you should expect moderate noise and sometimes uncomfortable sounds. However, when the noise becomes too loud, there could be a problem brewing. You need to check out what is wrong with your heating system before significant mechanical repair damages drain your bank account in energy bills and repair expenses.

However, there are some common sources of noise that you should expect if your heating system becomes too loud.

Loose Components

It is common for many mechanical components in any system to become loose. Therefore, loose components could be a major source of noise in your heating system. If you notice a loud humming noise, you need to check various components for tightening.

For boiler heating systems, when various components vibrate against each other, some are likely to get loose. The only repair needed is tightening, and failure to do so may cause more serious mechanical problems to occur.

High Pressure

In any boiler, you should expect some moderate noises coming from the pressure valves. This is a common aspect, as most pressure valves play a critical role in lowering loud noise due to pressure.

However, excess pressure is likely to have a direct impact on the noise coming from your heating system. This is a self-regulated problem that can diminish with time. However, if nothing is changing, you need to get an expert to solve the problem before it gets worse.

Speed of Circulating Pump

The primary role of the circulating pump is to move water from the boiler to the radiator and back. If the circulation speed is too fast, you should expect a humming noise. However, the noise should not be very loud.

If you notice noises that you are not comfortable with, you need to make significant changes to the settings. However, the setting of the circulating pump speed is only done by professionals. You need to get one to fix it for you.

What’s Next?

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