Swamp coolers are a great option for homes that don’t have a central air conditioning system. They are most effective in dry climates where the humidity stays relatively low during the hot summer months. Modern swamp coolers use evaporative cooling to remove heat from the air inside your home. There are a variety of different models available to suit various needs.

What Is Evaporative Cooling?

Most people have experienced evaporative cooling when they’ve gotten out of a pool and been cooled by a breeze. The warm air evaporates water and becomes cooler in the process. A swamp cooler works by passing the warm air in your home through a wet filter using an electric fan. The filter is continually kept wet from a reservoir or water so that cooling is continuous. The evaporating water will pull heat out of the air and leave it cooler than when it entered. Swamp coolers can also serve as a humidifier as they add moisture to the air as they work.

This process transfers energy most efficiently when the air is as dry as possible. Because of this, swamp coolers don’t work well in humid areas.

Different Swamp Coolers

Swamp coolers can be mounted on the roof of a building or come in portable units. Whether you want whole-house cooling or a smaller unit for a specific room, there’s a swamp cooler for any situation. They are an energy-efficient way to cool homes where other types of air conditioners won’t work.

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