Hot Water Heater Repair & Installation Services near Frisco, TX

Without hot water, our houses would not be homes. We rely on hot water for essential tasks, and when the warmth falters, it causes a big disruption to your daily routine. If you have a problem with your hot water heater, call pros at Chrome Plumbing.

Chrome is equipped to handle any water heater service, from installations and replacements to repairs to maintenance.

Types of Hot Water Heaters

  • Tankless Hot Water Heaters – heating water without a storage tank. They offer longer life span and are more energy efficient.
  • Tank Type Hot Water Heaters – storing hot water until you are ready to use it. These include gas and electric hot water heaters and some hybrid units.
Tankless Water Heater Special Offer

The experts at Chrome Plumbing can help you and your family determine what type of hot water heater would be the best choice and will save you money over the long run. 

Our Water Heater Specialists Can Handle It All

No matter the age of your unit, the fuel type, the size or variety, the plumbers at Chrome can provide the type of service you need.

Water Heater Installation – Water heaters won’t live forever. But fortunately, replacement options are more efficient and reliable than ever. We can provide a high quality installation with a trusted product to deliver consistent hot water for your home.

Water Heater Maintenance – Along with other plumbing maintenanceChrome can also provide regular preventative service to avoid any sudden loss of hot water.

Water Heater Repair – If you are experiencing cold showers or hear loud banging coming from your water heater, we’ll provide a quick repair. We will only recommend a replacement if your current unit cannot hang on any longer or will end up costing you more money in repairs than in replacement.

Be on the lookout for signs you need repair, including:

  • Cold/Lukewarm Water

  • Continuously Running Heater

  • Gas Smells

  • Foul Smelling Water

  • Rust Colored Water

Why Choose Chrome For Water Heater Service?

Chrome is trusted all over the North Dallas area, and has been for over 25 years. We’re chosen repeatedly for our plumbing services due to:

  • Upfront, reasonable pricing.
  • Affordable financing options.
  • Customer-focused service.
  • Convenient scheduling.
  • Our wide range of quality options.

Call Chrome For Guaranteed Hot Water. Hot water should be consistent, easy and comfortable. Make all this come true by calling Chrome at (469) 238-8104.