heating service PlanoWhen was the last time you thought about the air ducts that run throughout your home? If you are like many, it has been quite some time since they have received any attention. For most homeowners, they go overlooked until a problem becomes apparent with the home heating system. However, our heating service Plano knows that air ducts can greatly affect the overall effectiveness of your heating system and should be maintained on a regular basis.

Air ducts have a way of getting clogged and dirty. They begin to collect contaminants, dust, and all sorts of particles. If the ducts are not cleaned consistently, they can begin to cause problems for the home and those who live inside it. First, clogged air ducts decrease the effectiveness of the heating unit. The system will have to work much harder, experiencing more stress and exerting more energy, in order to try and compensate for the low airflow. This means you pay more money in utility bills, while still experiencing a cold household. Second, when the airflow is restricted, your home can feel stuffy, as if you are not quite getting the air you need, because it cannot circulate effectively throughout the home.

Of course, stuffy air filled with pollutants is less-than-beneficial for your health. In fact, we often find harmful molds and fungus that have been left unchecked for far too long, This can lead to unnecessary exposure for household members. They may begin to suffer allergies or illness if the ducts are not cleaned quickly. At our heating service Plano company, we value your comfort and health. When you call us, we address the issue promptly. High-intensity vacuums work to remove all pollutants from your ducts. We thoroughly inspect our work to ensure that nothing is left behind to restrict airflow or cause health issues.

Another important factor that contributes to clean airflow throughout your home is your air vents and registers, which are the “grate-like” covers you see on the floors and walls of your home. They often catch the dust, dirt, and pollutants that come from the air ducts. For this reason, we also emphasize the importance of regularly vacuuming and scrubbing these vents for optimum airflow.

If it has been quite some time since you have gotten your home’s air ducts cleaned, now is the time. Our knowledgeable heating service Plano staff has your needs covered. Our quick, effective service will have your heating system working how it should in no time. Call us at 469-238-8104 or visit us online at chromeairconditioning.com.


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