The Right Air-Conditioning System for the Climate in Frisco, TX

Choosing an air-conditioning system is not just about determining the size that will fit your room and fulfill your specific needs. Air conditioning systems vary greatly in their ability to fulfill the needs of the inhabitants of a building in specific climatic conditions. For instance, the demands made on the powers of air conditioners in buildings in a hot and humid area vary much more greatly than those placed on systems that have to operate in extremely dry conditions. So, to elicit the optimal performance from your unit, you must choose the correct air conditioning unit for the Frisco, TX climate.

The Climate in Frisco, TX

Frisco receives an average of 39 inches of rain every year. This is more than the national average of 37 inches. Like many other areas in Texas, Frisco too has a generally sunny climate. There are about 230 sunny days a year in Frisco. The month of July sees some of the highest temperatures of the summer season and the mercury can soar up to 96 degrees during this month.

However, Frisco inhabitants have to cope with humid weather conditions as well. A comfort index is indicative of the humidity during summer months and a higher score on this scale means greater comfort levels for the residents of a particular area. Frisco scores a paltry 25 out of 100 whereas the national average is 44.

So it is evident that if you are a resident of Frisco, you will need to buy an air conditioning system that can counter these hot and humid conditions while keeping you and your family comfortable.

The Apt Air Conditioner for Frisco Residents and Business Owners

Two-stage air conditioners are best suited for those who live and/or work in hot and humid climates. Energy efficient  makes of these air conditioners can run to their full operational capacity, continuously and efficiently, not only keeping you comfortable but also keeping the utility bills down. Do not be dismayed if you an older model or less expensive make; you too can achieve energy efficiency and supreme comfort even with your old unit! You just need to retrofit your system and replace gas-guzzling and inefficient parts with more sophisticated, lean and energy-efficient components. This is however, not a project for even the most competent DIYer. Faulty choice of replacement parts and improper installation can cause serious issues in your air conditioning unit and can make it unsafe to use.


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