The Dangers of Not Getting Your AC Repaired

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AC Repair Services near Plano TX

Even a relatively new air conditioning unit, be it a packaged system, heat pump, or mini-split, could eventually develop problems. If you neglect your home air conditioner by not ensuring that it gets repaired, then a number of things will happen.

Extremely Loud Noises

First, your system will likely make loud and irritating noises. Loose parts, for example, may rattle or bang. Defective relays may cause a clicking sound during operation, while a continual squealing may be the result of a bad motor.

Weak Cooling and Humid Atmosphere

Certain problems can cause your AC to blow out lukewarm air. For example, a condenser unit caked with dirt may not be able to keep your property cool. Even a dirty air filter can influence how comfortable you feel in your house.

Together with weak cooling, you might notice that your interior becomes humid as your AC runs. This could be due to a refrigerant leak or water buildup in the condensate drain pipe. The former is a health hazard, while the latter can lead to flooding and mold.

Uneven Cooling

Neglecting repairs can also lead to uneven cooling between rooms or floors. The appearance of these “hot spots” is usually the result of clogs in ductwork, dirty air filters, and air leaks. The repair team at Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning in Plano can leave you with a more quiet, energy-efficient system. Those who don’t need certain areas cooled may even purchase a zoning system from us.

Shorter Lifespan for Your System

Lastly, to never repair your system is to significantly shorten its lifespan. The average heat pump or central AC unit can last between 10 and 15 years, but that’s only with regular maintenance.

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