Heating Repair Company Frisco TXWhen the weather turns frigid it’s frustrating to have a need for a heating repair company Frisco TX based professional and not know whom to call. That’s especially true when the temperatures dip down toward freezing. Although WeatherChannel.com reports the typical winter low in Frisco to be around 30 to 33 degrees Fahrenheit, the record low reported in 1930 was 7 below zero. There are a number of things that can go awry with a furnace, but malfunctions don’t typically start happening until you start using heat in October and  November when the weather starts cooling down outside.

If your furnace starts acting up there are a few issues to look at before contacting a heating repair company in Frisco TX. Many times the problem with a heating system ends up being a simple one with a simple fix. If your furnace won’t kick on when you adjust the thermostat up, the first thing to check is whether the power to the furnace is on. At that point, you should check your breaker box and see if the breaker has been tripped. There can be different causes for a tripped breaker, so a call to a heating repair company in Frisco TX to find out what made the breaker turn off is the best and safest move. If the breaker is on, you’ll want to take a look at the furnace’s blower compartment, specifically at the inspection window. A flashing green light indicates everything is fine, but no light means that there’s a problem you’ll need a repairman to solve.

The pilot light is another notorious cause when a furnace won’t turn on. A furnace that won’t run even with a lit pilot light might indicate anything from a faulty control board to a problem in the thermostat. According to HVAC for Beginners, no pilot light or a pilot light that won’t ignite could mean that the gas flow has been interrupted, such as when the gas valve has been turned off or if the control board or flame sensors are bad. If the pilot light is lit, but the unit won’t turn on, the problem is liable to be a mechanical one that requires a repairman’s expertise.

The best way to stay ahead of furnace breakdowns is to schedule regular maintenance on your heating system. Chrome Air Conditioning is the heating repair company Frisco TX counts on to perform preventative maintenance as well as duct cleaning and repair service when your HVAC system fails. Call us today at 469-238-8104 to troubleshoot your furnace problems or just to schedule a performance tune-up. We’ll help ensure that your heating system will be in top working order when you need it most.



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