Plumbing Installation

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Plumbing Installation & Replacement Near Plano, TX

If you’ve got your eye on a new dishwasher, water heater, sink or other plumbing appliance, in the Plano and Frisco, TX area, call Chrome to assist you. We can make sure it lives up to its full potential with proper plumbing installation.

Plumbing Installation

Plumbing Installation FAQs

How much does it cost to install a new bathroom sink near Plano?

It depends on a few factors, such as the type of sink you choose and the complexity of the installation. However, in general, you can expect to pay between $200 and $500 for a new bathroom sink near Plano. Do-it-yourselfers may be able to get by with a lower cost, but it is important to make sure you have all the necessary tools and supplies before beginning any plumbing project. If you aren’t confident in your ability to install a new bathroom sink yourself, have a licensed plumber install your new sink to be sure the job is done correctly.

How much does it cost to have a plumber install a kitchen sink near Plano?

It can cost anywhere from $100 to $500, depending on the sink's material and size. This cost includes the new sink and the labor needed to install the new kitchen sink; you may need to budget up to $200 more for a faucet if your new sink doesn’t include a matching faucet.

What plumbing installation and replacement services does Chrome offer near Plano?

Chrome plumbers offer a variety of plumbing installation and replacement services near Plane, TX. If you’re experiencing any kind of plumbing problem, you can count on Chrome to be there for you. Some of our plumbing installation services include:

  • Dishwashers
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Water Heaters
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • And More

Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber for Installations

There are four main reasons why most plumbing installations aren’t DIY jobs or something to leave to an inexperienced plumber:

  • Your Safety – There are many factors that can make just one small mistake potentially dangerous during the installation process or down the road.
  • Code Demands – For your installation to be considered safe and legal, it must obey local building and fire codes.
  • Unexpected Steps – Sometimes installations need special tools that can be expensive or require advanced knowledge to handle. And sometimes what looked like a simple DIY job can get overwhelmingly complicated very quickly.
  • Warranties – Most plumbing fixture warranties require professional installation. Self-installing means the fixture’s warranty may be voided.

Chrome can take those worries off your plate and make sure you are safe, the work meets all legal standards and you get the warranties you deserve.

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