heating service FriscoPaying for a preventative maintenance plan saves you money because it lets HVAC techs inspect your furnace and air conditioner to prevent future problems. Once you notice a change in your home’s heating or cooling system, it may be too late to correct it without costly repairs. A heating service Frisco may offer a seasonal or year-round maintenance check. A full heating and cooling check-up includes:

Outdoor Units

1-    Check outdoor HVAC units for the proper refrigerant level. By adding refrigerant during routine maintenance, you prevent stress on the machinery, a malfunctioning compressor and inefficient cooling or heating.

2-     Remove dirt and debris from inside cabinets.

3-     Clean and inspect coil and cabinet.

4-     Lubricate the fan motor and blades; check for damage.

5-     Inspect tubing, compressor and control box for wear and tear. Replace damaged parts.

Indoor Units

1-    Clean and inspect the blower inside your furnace. This includes the wheel, motor and housing.

2-   Check the flue system to make sure it’s attached to the furnace properly. Replace or repair any corroded or disjointed sections.

3-     Inspect ductwork for leaks. Seal or repair if needed.

4-     Clean and adjust burner assembly.

5-     Ensure that the furnace is free from leaks.

6-     Clean and replace air filters.

7-     Make sure the furnace ignites cleanly and quickly.

A heating service Frisco tech can reset your furnace, check the control panel, pilot gas line and gas valve to determine why a furnace isn’t working or working improperly. After a preventative maintenance visit, you can keep your home warm and comfortable in cold weather by making sure it’s insulated. You should insulate your ceilings, exterior walls and floors in cooler areas of your home. Sealing and double-glazing windows also helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you don’t know which materials to use, a heating service Frisco tech can give you tips on how to prepare your home for maximum comfort.

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