AC repair company Plano TXIt is important to have an AC repair company Plano TX because few things are as terrible for a homeowner as waking up to discover that the air conditioning has given out in the middle of a Texas summer. Repairing a broken air conditioner can be expensive, especially when you add in the extra costs that come with needing the job to be done as quickly as possible to counteract the Texas heat. The best way to avoid the spontaneous breakdown of an air conditioning unit is to perform regular, preventative maintenance on the unit. This preventative maintenance will enable the air conditioner to go longer spans of time in between repairs, and is fairly simple to do. The two major parts of an air conditioner that require maintenance are the coils and the fins.

Air conditioners contain both an evaporator coil and a condenser coil. Together the two coils reduce the temperature of the air passing through the machine, eventually pushing it out so that it can cool the rest of the house. However, because of the dirt and grit in the air that passes through the air conditioner, eventually dirt and dust will gather on the coils. The dirt forms a film over the coils, insulating the coils so that they do not have as much contact with the air as they would if they were not covered. That lack of contact means that the coils have a reduced ability to absorb heat. That lack of absorption means that the air conditioner will take a longer amount of time to reduce the temperature of the home, and must put out more energy in order to reduce the temperature. An AC repair company Plano TX will be able to clean the coils in order to prevent future damage that would necessitate more drastic repairs.

The other major part of an air conditioner that requires preventative maintenance is the coil fins. These fins are designed to draw air into the air conditioner so that it can flow past the evaporator coil and condenser coil. These fins are positioned on the outside of the air conditioner where they can be subject to damage. When the fins are bent, they restrict the flow of air into the air conditioner, forcing the unit to operate harder so that the air can get inside to be cooled. This damage reduces the efficiency of the unit, requiring that it use more electricity to get the job done, and making it more expensive to run. However, with the help of an AC repair company Plano TX, these problems can be prevented with a little maintenance.

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