AC repair company Frisco TXOne of the best ways to keep your air conditioning running smoothly is to perform preventative maintenance with an AC repair company Frisco TX. Because of Texas’ warm climate, the state can reach extremely high temperatures in the long summer months. The Texas heat is something that no one wants to face without the help of air conditioning to make the heat and humidity more bearable. Preventative maintenance is the best way to make sure that the air conditioner will not break down when it is needed most. The most effective kind of maintenance on air conditioners is to keep the filters in good repair.

Maintenance of filters by an AC repair company Frisco TX involves routinely cleaning the filters, or replacing them with new ones. Depending upon the kind of filter being used, some filters are designed to be periodically removed from the air conditioner so they can be cleaned, while others are meant to be disposed after a certain amount of time. The kind of maintenance that will need to be performed on the air conditioner filters will depend entirely upon whether the filter being used is disposable or not.

The filters are located within the air conditioner, and as the air passes through the filters, it cleans contaminants like dust, dander, and pollen from the air. Clean air is important both for the inhabitants of the home, and for the air conditioning system. Filtering the air before it passes through the air conditioner helps prevent those contaminants from entering the air conditioner and clogging up the system. When filters are dirty, they clog up the air conditioner, forcing it work harder to pump the air through the system. This increased effort by the air conditioner raises energy bills because it forces the air conditioner to use more electricity, and it increases the chance of damage because the air conditioner is working harder than it was designed to. If the airflow through the filter gets too obstructed by contaminants then the air conditioner might route the air past the filter and into the main body of the air conditioner. The dirt, dander, and pollen can damage the air conditioner’s ability to reduce the temperature. With that disability, the air conditioner will work harder to do its job, leading to the potential for more damage from overuse.

Properly maintaining these filters is the most important step to preventative maintenance for an air conditioner. When the filters are clean and able to do their job properly, the air conditioner is able to run at optimum efficiency. That efficiency means that the air conditioner will be able to perform its function in the best possible way while taking up the least amount of energy and costing the least amount of money. Employing an AC repair company Frisco TX to help with the filters will keep the air conditioner in good repair and prevent future damage. Call Chrome Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule your appointment at 469-238-8104.

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