Heating Contractor Frisco TXYou want your home to be warm and comfortable through the winter months. Furnaces are convenient and more efficient than ever but there is still a threat of carbon monoxide poisoning in any appliance in which gas is used. This is where a professional heating contractor Frisco TX comes in. A technician can help keep your home warm and comfortable but most of all SAFE from poisonous gases.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is a result of incomplete combustion of a fossil fuel. CO replaces oxygen in the body’s bloodstream and will kill if not controlled quickly. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are drowsiness, dizziness, and headaches. People often lie down and go to sleep because they don’t feel well and never wake up.

This is how your furnace can turn deadly:

Most furnaces burn natural gas or propane. If this gas is burning with complete combustion, the flame will be blue. If it is orange in color, that is a sign of incomplete combustion, meaning carbon monoxide is being produced. This is a result of insufficient air, insufficient heat, or too much fuel. If a furnace is burning in this state, there is a problem that needs to be addressed by a heating contractor, to keep your Frisco TX home from being flooded by poisonous gas.

A common occurrence in residential CO poisonings is blockage of a chimney or flue. The carbon dioxide that is produced from creating heat is normally released or vented out of the building, but if there is a blockage, that gas fills the room, and oxygen is depleted. Without enough oxygen, complete combustion does not occur and soon carbon monoxide is being produced.

Another scenario includes a malfunction of the heat exchanger, the steel pipes or drum in which combustion is taking place. If those tubes break or develop holes, the air to fuel ratio is disrupted and carbon monoxide is produced. This poisoned air is then circulated throughout the house.

If you suspect carbon monoxide in your home, ventilate it immediately and get everyone outdoors. Call for an ambulance if necessary, then call an HVAC contractor to inspect your heating appliances and check for carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide detectors are essential in any home that uses any kind of fossil fuels, to warn you and your loved ones if a threat occurs.

So, now that you know the danger, how is it prevented? The best way to keep your furnace from becoming an enemy is proper installation and maintenance. Regular inspections of your furnace by the best professional heating contractor Frisco TX has to offer will help keep your Frisco TX home safe. A technician can spot the symptoms of incomplete combustion and heat exchange failure and fix the problem. The experts at Chrome Heating and Air Conditioning have got your back! Call us today, and your family can sleep soundly tonight.

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