AC Repair Plano TXSpring is coming but you know that it will be quickly followed by the heat of summer. AC repair in Plano TX knows exactly what that means. As one of their busiest times of the year, those summer months of high temperatures keep them traveling the roads to bring relief to air conditioning malfunctions. Now is the time to get your unit up and in running order. Not a good time to procrastinate.
A central air-conditioning system has three major components that you want to have in good working order. These parts are a team that depends upon each other to accomplish their purpose. One without the other two or two without the third is as if the whole unit was down. AC repair in Plano TX sees the whole picture and need of harmony between the condenser, the blower, and the ductwork.

That big box, usually found beside or behind the house, is the condenser. Freon is the coolant and this is where the temperature is managed. A professional can check the coolant and make sure that it is at its peak.

The cooling system works kind of like a roundabout. Freon, in the form of gas is piped through coils into the house, dropping the temperature. This cooler air is piped into the house through the blower unit, while at the same time the warmer air is pulled back back out, cooled and recycled. The Freon that returns is changed from liquid to a gas and the cycle starts again.

Check filters and make sure that the flow is not hindered because of dirt or other blockages. A regular monthly check is advised. If not regularly replaced, a clog could develop and shut the system down.

Have your unit checked for condensation build up. Generally there is a drainage system to deal with the water but you want to make sure that it is functioning properly.

Keep your ductwork clear. You don’t want rugs or furniture blocking the airflow, plus check inside the ductwork to make sure that objects have not gotten dropped or pushed in unintentionally. You can have your ductwork cleaned professionally which brings a confident piece of mind.

Are you looking for professionals to help keep your unit in top shape? Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning are specialists in AC repair in Plano TX.  Let us help you get ready to beat the heat and enjoy a cool summer.


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