Chrome’s IAQ Solutions Keep Your Home’s Air Healthy

While making a house airtight can provide more energy efficiency, it can unfortunately also lead to indoor air pollution and can cause a variety of negative side effects, including:

  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Reduced indoor ventilation
  • Accumulation of bacteria and other allergens
  • Adverse health effects that can cause asthma or allergies, or create new problems that arise immediately or after years of exposure
Indoor Air Quality Improvement Solutions for your home near Frisco, Plano and McKinney TX

Over time, this can cause inflammation of the mucous membranes, upper respiratory problems, asthmatic conditions, headaches, and flu-like symptoms especially among children or the elderly.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Common sources of indoor air quality problems include:

  • Inadequate temperature, humidity, or lighting
  • High levels of chemicals, dusts, molds, fungi, bacteria, gases, and other contaminants in the air
  • Insufficient outdoor air intake

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Fortunately, Chrome is well versed in indoor air quality and is able to provide a wide array of solutions, including:

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Indoor Air Quality
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