Indoor Air Quality for Homes with Pets

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IAQ Solutions for Plano Area Homes with Pets

Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning recommends that people who have pets in their homes pay special attention to their indoor air quality. Pets can leave dander and fur throughout your home. If this dander becomes airborne, it can cause unhealthy air in your house. Taking steps to keep your air clean is important for your health.

Keep Floors and Surfaces Clean

The cleaner you can keep your home, the cleaner the air will be. Dander and dust can be disturbed from the floor as you walk over it and end up being inhaled. Keeping floors clean by sweeping and mopping often can remove harmful particles from your home before you have the chance to breathe them in. Litter boxes and kennels can accumulate a lot of dirt and should be cleaned out often.

Maintain Clean Air Filters

The air filters in your central heating and cooling systems are designed to remove dirt from circulating air. If they become clogged with debris, the airflow will decrease, and less air will get cleaned. While most filters last three to six months, if your home has a pet, you might need to replace your filters more often.

Have Clean Ductwork

As dirty air passes through the ducts in your home, it can deposit dirt and debris. Getting your ducts cleaned regularly can remove this waste and ensure that it doesn’t become airborne again. Clean ducts can greatly improve the overall quality of the air that is circulating in your home.

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