ac repair friscoSummer is upon us and life here in Texas is about to get hot! Living here in the south is made easier by one very important invention, air conditioning. When it gets warm here, we walk over to the thermostat to turn on our AC. Normally it comes on with no problems, but other times we will need to call for an AC repair in Frisco.Over the winter something could have happened or you could have forgot that last year the air conditioner started to act slow. Paying attention to the warning signs that you have air conditioner problems is the key to knowing when an AC repair in Frisco is required. By catching air conditioner problems early, you can ensure that your AC doesn’t get overworked when components are not working properly. Here are some warning signs that your AC needs professional service:

  • An air conditioner that will not turn on at all
  • A decrease in AC capacity: no longer cooling every room properly
  • A reduction in temperatures or complete loss of cold air coming from vents
  • A loss of airflow from vents
  • Clanking, grinding, squealing, rattling noises, or louder than normal noises made by the AC
  • Unusual smells such as carbon monoxide or smoke coming from vents

These are each signs that an air conditioning problem has already occurred and needs to be handled by a professional air conditioning repair person from Chrome Heating and Air Conditioning in Frisco, TX.
At Chrome, we are pleased to offer both residential and commercial services. Our service include air conditioning and heating repair, replacement, and maintenance. We are able to service all makes and models of equipment. We have trained and experienced professionals that will provide you with an expert plan for your comfort needs, combined with excellent installation service. What that means is that you will have a reliable and efficient comfort control solution for your family or business.

We firmly believe our services should work around your schedule. Thanks to our upfront pricing policy, you will never have to worry about unexpected fees. Before we begin work, you’ll receive a quote to determine if Chrome is the right choice for you. We are confident that after experiencing the Chrome difference, you will not want to work with another air conditioning or heating service provider again.

If you find that you need AC repair in Frisco , it’s time to call Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning.

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