Annual Heating & Cooling Service is Vital to the Life of Your System

Annual HVAC maintenance enhances your system’s efficiency and increases its lifespan. It’s vital to have your heating system serviced before the cold North Texas winters and your cooling system serviced before the heat of summer.

Chrome Plus is so simple and affordable that it truly is a “No-Brainer”

That’s why we offer several energy saver maintenance plans which include semi-annual tuneups and other benefits.

Keep your comfort system’s running smoothly and increase its efficiency and lifespan, by spending as little as $12 a month for top notch maintenance year-round. Call Chrome today to get your system the TLC it deserves.

Chrome +

  • Semi-Annual AC & Heating Tune-ups ($160 value)
  • Priority Front-of-line Service
  • New Comfort System Discount (10%)
  • 15% Service & Repair Discount
  • No Dispatch Charge EVER ($69 value)
  • No Emergency Call or Overtime Fees ($299 value)
  • Free Grade 1 Repairs*
  • Free Filter**
  • Discounted Freon ($39 per/lb)
  • Automatic Service Reminders
  • $12 Per Additional System

Chrome Lite

  • Semi-Annual AC & Heating Tune-ups ($160 value)
  • Priority Front-of-line Service
  • New Comfort System Discount (5%)
  • 10% Service & Repair Discount
  • Emergency Call only $29 ($40 value)
  • Automatic Service Reminders
  • $9 Per Additional System

*$0 for common repairs including the replacement of compressor contactor, fan motor capacitor, blown low voltage fuse and missing or faulty wire nuts.
** One filter for each per system included.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance from Chrome

Statistics indicate that your system loses 5% of it’s efficiency every year that it operates. But semi-annual hvac maintenance from Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning helps your system maintain 95% efficiency.

Other benefits of seasonal HVAC maintenance include:

  • Keeps your energy bills in check
  • Keeps your system operating at peak performance
  • Increases the lifespan of your system
  • Cleans your system to improve your indoor air quality
  • Prevents major repairs

Why Choose Us?

  • Outstanding personal service from the beginning of your service call to the end
  • Honest, professional, NATE certified technicians
  • The best customer service in the industry, every time
  • A passion for quality work
  • An innovative, honest, holistic approach to our service
Energy Saver Maintenance Agreements
Keep your hvac system running all year long with hvac service from Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning. Call 469-505-0944 or Contact Us online.