How to Measure Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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Measure Your Plano Area Home's Energy Efficiency

There are Several Ways to Test Your Plano Home’s Energy Efficiency

When you pay an electricity bill every month, you want to know that you are not throwing away money. When your home is not energy efficient, you are simply wasting your hard-earned funds.

Visually Check for Leaks

One way to perform your own energy efficiency check is to do a test to find air leaks in your home. When you do this, you are trying to spot gaps or small holes through which energy is escaping. Your first step in this test is to do a close visual inspection to look for cracks.

You should perform an extensive check of all major areas, including doors, windows, baseboards, and electrical outlets. Fixing your problem and saving money may be as simple as replacing some caulk.

Perform a Pressurization Test

You can also perform a building pressurization test. You will start by turning off all major appliances in your home and cutting your power usage to basically zero. Then, you light an incense stick and closely observe which way the air is blowing. If the smoke is blowing out of the room, then you have found your energy leak.

Another way to conduct this test is by using a flashlight or a dollar bill to check the areas around your windows. If you close the window on a dollar bill and can pull it out without it dragging, there is a good chance there is a leak.

Hire a Professional HVAC Company

If you want a comprehensive energy audit, you should hire a professional. You can try to find the leak on your own, but a qualified professional can detect the leak much quicker and can run a much more exhaustive check. A professional HVAC energy audit will tell you exactly where you are wasting power and give you a plan to reduce your energy bills.

The Energy Efficiency Experts near Plano

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