Heating repair FriscoLow temperatures are coming to North Texas and that means you’ll need your home heater to be ready to work to keep you and your family warm.  But home heating systems break down for a variety of reasons that require heating repair in Frisco and ice storms and gusting winds can cause power outages that leave you without heat for days.  This means that at some point this winter, you’ll need a short-term, alternate heat source.

The best idea is to have another source of heat in mind and at hand before you actually need it.  Knowing what you’re going to use before you need it means that you can make sure that it’s working properly and that it will safely warm your home until help comes or power is restored.  The chances of freezing to death in your own home are pretty small but accidents resulting from using damaged, outdated or poorly-maintained heating equipment kill people every winter.

Space heaters are often the alternate heating source of choice for most people because they’re inexpensive and easy to use if you have electricity but are waiting for heating repair in Frisco.  To use a space heater safely, make sure it has a UL safety listing and make sure it also has a thermostat control mechanism.  One of the best safety features on most space heaters is the “tip switch” that turns it off if it’s knocked over.  Most importantly, don’t place the heater close to curtains, furniture, clothing or anything combustible.

Fireplaces are an excellent heat source during a power outage; but they should always be used with a glass or metal screen to keep sparks from igniting carpeting or furniture.  In addition, always make sure that the damper is open before you light the fire.  Be careful not to burn green wood, trash or paper as these fires are hard to control and can cause excess creosote buildup in your chimney.  And always extinguish a fire completely before going to bed.

Portable generators are more common in colder U.S states where power goes out in the winter more often; but they can be useful in Texas, too.  As a rule, generators must only be used outside to keep deadly carbon monoxide fumes away from your home.  If possible, plug appliances directly into the generator without extension cords and always let the unit cool off before refueling.  And never plug a generator into a wall socket in hopes of powering the whole house up. This “backfeeding” creates an electrocution danger for utility workers.

If the power in your home goes out, remember to stay warm safely while you wait for the electric company to restore your service.  If you need heating repair in Frisco because your unit isn’t working properly, call Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning at 469-238-8104.  At Chrome Heating, we can take care of your heating problem quickly with our 24/7 emergency service.  Visit us at www.chromeairconditioning.com to schedule an appointment and to find valuable coupons.

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