Heating Frisco TXAnyone who lives in North Texas knows that Autumn passes us by without much notice.  We go from hot weather to cold without much of the leave-the-windows-open-for-a-cool-breeze weather that other parts of the country enjoy.  In fact the cold swoops in before we have time to think about heating our Frisco, TX homes or performing maintenance on our heating systems.  It’s not until we switch the thermostat from “cool” to “heat” that we find out something’s not working the right way.  If you’ve made the switch and your system isn’t heating the way you expect it to, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot your heating in Frisco, TX before you call a heating repair company.

If your heater isn’t turning on, check your thermostat.  First, make sure you actually set it to heat.  If you’ve done that and the heat still doesn’t turn on, set it to a temperature that will ensure it comes on – usually 90 degrees does the trick.  Remember that it may take a few minutes for the heater to work even at a high temperature.  After that, check your circuit breakers or fuse box to make sure the breaker for the heater isn’t tripped or the fuse isn’t blown.

If the heater turns on but doesn’t heat adequately, check the filter.  Nothing can choke a heating or cooling system faster than a dirty filter.  Newer, more efficient systems may shut off if the filter is too dirty but older systems will continue to operate but with less heat output.  You may also be losing heat through cracks or holes around doors and windows, which means that even though your heater is working, rooms aren’t going to feel as warm as you expect them to feel.

If the unit turns on but you’re not getting any hot air out of the vents, check the igniter or pilot light.  If you have an older, gas furnace, it will have a gas igniter or pilot light.   If you know the procedures for resetting your igniter or pilot light, follow them.  If that still doesn’t produce heat, check to make sure the gas supply to your home is working by checking other appliances that are gas-powered.

If everything is working properly but your heater is making a rattling sound, check the heater cabinet to make sure all the screws are tight.  Other sounds, like squealing or grinding require the help of a specialist to repair your heating in Frisco, TX.  Squealing can mean a belt is loose and slipping.  Grinding can mean that the bearings in your unit are going out and need to be replaced.

Checking to make sure the thermostat is set to heat and replacing the filter are simple fixes when your heater isn’t working right but other problems like tripped circuit breakers, ignition problems and loud noises need an experienced HVAC technician to repair.  In Frisco, the company to call for all of your heating and cooling repairs is Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning at 469-238-8104.  Or visit us at www.chromeairconditioning.com to contact us an to find valuable coupons for service and equipment.


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