Heating Contractor Frisco TXWinters in North Texas are normally pretty mild compared to colder parts of the country.  Your heating contractor in Frisco, TX will tell you that this means your home is probably heated by a heat pump instead of a furnace.  Heat pumps are the most efficient type of electric heating for moderate climates like ours.  A heat pump is essentially an air conditioner with a heating component.  Air source heat pumps pull heat from the air to heat your home while geothermal heat pumps pull heat from the ground so unlike furnaces that have to create heat, heat pumps simply move it from one place to another, resulting in more energy savings.   The U.S. Department of Energy says that heat pumps reduce the amount of electricity you will use for heating by 50 percent compared to furnaces and baseboard heating.

Heat pumps have other advantages in addition to energy and money savings.  Your heating contractor in Frisco, TX will tell you that heat pumps do double duty by cooling your home in the summer and heating it in the winter, which means you only have one system to install, maintain and repair.  Unlike a furnace, a heat pump with a zoned system lets you adjust the temperature in different rooms of your house so that you don’t heat rooms that aren’t used.   The disadvantage of a heat pump is that it is used year-round for heating and cooling so there is more wear and tear on the system.  This is where a good heating contractor in Frisco, TX can help with pre-season maintenance check-ups that can spot and stop potential system problems.

If you choose to have a heat pump system installed in your home, ask your heating contractor in Frisco, TX for recommendations.  Most reputable companies sell and install major brands of heat pumps that carry Energy Guide labels that will tell you how efficient each unit is.  The first rating you need to look for to judge a system’s heating efficiency is the heating season performance factor (HSPF).  The most efficient heat pump systems have an HSPF between 8 and 10.  You’ll also need to check the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) number, which will tell you how efficient the heat pump is at cooling.  Highest efficiency is reached between 14 and 18.  The higher the number, the more expensive the system; but you will make your money back in energy savings over the years.


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