How To Find The Right AC Company

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It might be winter time right now, but in Texas, cold weather is fleeting and hot weather is right around the corner.

That’s why you can never stop thinking about how your air conditioner will run and whether or not you’ll need air conditioning repair in McKinney TX sometime in the near future.  Even if your AC was working fine when you used it last, that doesn’t mean something catastrophic can’t happen when you crank it up this spring.

The only way to be sure there won’t be a problem is to have pre-season air conditioner maintenance performed by a specialist.  If you don’t have a regular AC repair company that you trust, there are some things you should remember about choosing one:

Ask around

This is always good advice for everything from AC repair to sushi restaurants.  Ask people you trust for their recommendations.  Friends, family and coworkers will be more than happy to share good news about air conditioning repair companies.

Check online

Yelp, Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau and many other websites have customer-satisfaction ratings for pretty much every air conditioning repair business in your area.  But be careful because many times, people only leave reviews when they have a bad experience.  So, don’t necessarily take a company off your list for one or two bad reviews.  They might have 100 happy customers for every unhappy one.

Do your AC homework

It helps to learn a little bit about air conditioning terminology before a technician baffles you with words and acronyms you probably won’t know.  And while you’re at it, check to see what the licensing and insurance requirements are for AC contractors in Texas.

If you have time, get more than one estimate

If you don’t have a regular company that handles your air conditioning repair in McKinney TX and you’re looking for one to do your pre-summer check-up, call more than one company for an estimate on the job.  You’ll be able to tell a lot about how the company operates based on what the estimator does and says.  You’ll also learn what the price range is for a check-up and you’ll be able to ask each one for references from their other customers.

Make sure the company offers estimates in writing 

This is especially important if you’re having major work done.  You don’t want to be surprised by expensive repairs that weren’t on the estimate.  Also, if you sign a written proposal for the work to be done, get a copy for your records.

Look for Energy Star equipment

If you’re having your system replaced, look for a contractor that offers Energy Star equipment.  Energy Star ensures that you’ll be getting an energy-efficient air conditioner that will save you money down the line.

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