AC repair company Plano TXThe summer season has arrived. Staying cool and comfortable is important for your health, comfort, and mood. But what do you do if your air conditioner breaks down? Not only will you be miserable all summer but you can be in danger of health problems resulting from the heat. Chrome Heating and Air Conditioning, the best AC repair company Plano TX, has the solution for your summer woes. See below for the top reasons that your AC unit can fail and why you need help from professionals.

One reason is faulty ducts. Broken or dirty ductwork is an energy waster that will cost you. Sometimes, ductwork can be built using unprofessional materials that might not last. Wasted cooled air and contaminants can be the result of faulty products. Problems with allergens, moisture that causes mold, and odors can occur when seals are not done properly. Chrome AC repair company Plano TX can run a full check up on your unit to diagnose this problem. You can count on Chrome to find and fix the problem to your satisfaction.

Dirty coils are another reason that your AC unit could be failing. Air conditioning units take the heat out of the air rather than adding coolness. Air conditioner coils need to be clean and cold to consume heat. Even if your home is kept squeaky clean, bacteria and other pollutants can exist as a problem. These pollutants can coat the air conditioning coil which is moist so it sticks. It then turns to sludge. This acts as a great insulator, keeping the unit from functioning correctly and keeping you cool. Chrome AC repair company Plano TX will check your coils and clean them when necessary in order to keep you feeling good all summer.

Condenser fan problems can occur when the fan isn’t removing warm air outside. It’s possible that the air conditioning unit will overheat if if the fan isn’t performing like it should be. The result can be a broken AC unit or an energy bill that is far more expensive than you want to pay. Chrome AC repair company Plano TX will make sure that your condenser fan is working at top performance to save you money and misery.

The thermal expansion valve is an important part in your air conditioner that modulates and regulates the refrigerant that needs to flow through the AC unit. If the valve isn’t working correctly the movement of the system can be slowed or even flooded. This can cause the unit not to work at all. If the thermal expansion valve isn’t working you will feel the heat.

Chrome AC repair company Plano TX professionals can help with all of the above issues. Don’t hesitate to contact them today for your air conditioning repair needs.

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