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15 10, 2019

5 Ways to Save Energy this Fall

By |2019-10-21T20:58:24+00:00October 15th, 2019|Energy Efficiency|Comments Off on 5 Ways to Save Energy this Fall

For more energy-efficient heating, you can't go wrong with these five tips. While some of them involve a certain amount of expense, taking these precautions will pay off over time. 1. Weatherstripping If there are gaps and cracks in the attic, doors, and windows, you'll lose warm air before you know it. Seal these with caulk, foam tape or another effective sealant. If weatherstripping [...]

1 10, 2019

Indoor Air Quality for Homes with Pets

By |2019-10-21T20:55:20+00:00October 1st, 2019|Indoor Air Quality|Comments Off on Indoor Air Quality for Homes with Pets

Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning recommends that people who have pets in their homes pay special attention to their indoor air quality. Pets can leave dander and fur throughout your home. If this dander becomes airborne, it can cause unhealthy air in your house. Taking steps to keep your air clean is important for your health. Keep Floors and Surfaces Clean The cleaner you [...]

24 09, 2019

How to Measure Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

By |2019-09-24T21:34:36+00:00September 24th, 2019|Energy Efficiency|Comments Off on How to Measure Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

When you pay an electricity bill every month, you want to know that you are not throwing away money. When your home is not energy efficient, you are simply wasting your hard-earned funds. There are several different ways to test your home's energy efficiency. 1. Visually Check for Leaks One way to perform your own energy efficiency check is to do a test to [...]

14 09, 2019

What Are Swamp Coolers?

By |2019-09-24T21:30:37+00:00September 14th, 2019|Uncategorized|Comments Off on What Are Swamp Coolers?

Swamp coolers are a great option for homes that don't have a central air conditioning system. They are most effective in dry climates where the humidity stays relatively low during the hot summer months. Modern swamp coolers use evaporative cooling to remove heat from the air inside your home. There are a variety of different models available to suit various needs. What Is Evaporative [...]

6 08, 2019

The Dangers of Not Getting Your AC Repaired

By |2019-08-06T00:22:28+00:00August 6th, 2019|Uncategorized|Comments Off on The Dangers of Not Getting Your AC Repaired

Even a relatively new air conditioning unit, be it a packaged system, heat pump, or mini-split, could eventually develop problems. If you neglect your AC by not ensuring that it gets repaired, then a number of things will happen. Extremely Loud Noises First, your system will likely make loud and irritating noises. Loose parts, for example, may rattle or bang. Defective relays may cause [...]