Air conditioning repair Little Elm TXYou might not be too concerned about air conditioning repair in Little Elm TX in December, but inspecting your AC system in the off-season is a great way to prevent problems in the heat of summer. Aside from a pro inspection, you should review some of the tips for better air conditioner function so you’ll be better prepared for spring and summer temperatures.

A few tips to keep in mind for better air conditioning in Little Elm TX:

1-  If you have central air conditioning, the drain line drips water near the outdoor unit.
You’ll need to clean your drain line and make sure it has no debris. A blockage may cause indoor water damage. You can prevent clogging in the drain line by pouring one cup of bleach into the drain line from inside. If a clog already exists, attach a wet-dry vacuum to the outdoor line, remove and paper filter cover, and vacuum out the blockage.

2-  You should contact air conditioning repair in Little Elm TX to clean ductwork in the off-season if you notice blockage or dirt. Even if there aren’t any visible problems, it’s a good idea to have and air conditioning professional check your HVAC system for potential problems long before hot weather expedites the process.

3-  Avoid placing TVs, computers or lightning fixtures near your air conditioner thermostat. It will sense heat from the electronics and run longer, increasing your energy bill.

4-  If you don’t have your outdoor AC unit covered, buy one at the hardware store or make one out of a drop cloth or trash bags. Make sure the outside unit is switched off before putting the cover on. Take the cover off and turn the unit on before using your AC in the spring or summer.

5-  Make sure drapes, furniture or carpet aren’t blocking registers that keep cool air from circulating.

6-  Call air conditioning repair in Little Elm TX for an off-season inspection of your unit. An air conditioning pro will inspect the outside condenser unit, water drain, filter and other parts of your AC system to ensure they are in perfect working order for hot weather.

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