Air Conditioning Service Plano TXThis past winter was rough with extremely cold temperatures in many parts of the country. But now that spring has arrived, warm and sunny days are becoming the norm. You may not yet be thinking about keeping cool this summer, but now is the right time to consider how to get the most from your air conditioning system through air conditioning service Plano TX. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Start with a unit that works: “Out of sight, out of mind” is not a good idea when it comes to air conditioning maintenance. Consider having an annual tune-up of your air conditioning system with air conditioning service Plano TX. If your unit is more than 10 years old and not running efficiently, replace your old unit with one that is Energy Star rated. It will save energy and be more cost-effective to run than an old system.

2. Maintenance is key: Regular maintenance will ensure that small issues do not become big, expensive problems later. Make sure refrigerant levels are up to the right level. Clean and adjust blower components and coils so that the unit runs efficiently. An annual checkup with air conditioning service Plano TX will help to ensure the efficiency of your system and maintain the proper lifespan of the equipment. As homeowner, you can also help maintain your system by checking the filter every month and changing it about every six months (before winter and spring) or sometimes more often depending on how heavy the use is and the efficiency of your system.

3. Keep it simple: Easy things like changing your temperature settings (keep it to 76 degrees when home and 78 degrees when you are away) and stopping drafts (seal up air leaks in doors, windows and other openings) will go a long way toward good air conditioning in your home.

4. Add a layer: Some people do not consider how adequate insulation affects their heating and cooling costs. Many utility companies offer inexpensive energy audits in your home. Some even provide financial incentives for updating your heating and cooling system or adding wall or attic insulation to your home. Check with your gas and power companies to see what energy rebates they offer.

Good air conditioning is vital to your comfort in your home. A little bit of regular maintenance on your AC system will help keep things running smoothly, while certain upgrades, such as a new air conditioning unit or added insulation, will ensure that your home cooling is efficient and cost-effective. Chrome Air Conditioning Service Plano TX can help you with all your air conditioning service and maintenance needs, so give them a call today at 469-238-8104.

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