Residential Air Conditioning Repair

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Home AC Repair Service near Plano & Frisco TX

For over 20 years, family owned and operated Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning has provided Frisco & Plano, TX homes with fast, friendly, and affordable AC repair services. You want the most energy efficient air conditioning unit possible because you count on your air conditioner to keep you cool in the summer. Count on Chrome HVAC to keep your air conditioner running at peak performance.

What are the signs I will need an air conditioner repair?

  • Temperature variances throughout the house
  • The thermostat fails to respond to your adjustments
  • Inability to consistently cool your home
  • Leaks or cracks in the unit
  • Loud, unusual sounds coming from the unit
  • Unexplained rises in utility costs
How much does it cost to service a residential air conditioner near Plano TX?

It costs around $150-$350 per year to service a residential air conditioner in Plano, TX. Having your residential air conditioner serviced on a regular basis has many benefits, such as: 

  • Your air conditioner lasts longer. 
  • Your air conditioner is covered under warranty. 
  • Your monthly energy bills are lower.

When you have your residential air conditioner serviced often, your air conditioner will also require less repairs. Additionally, if you get your air conditioner on a maintenance plan, you can receive discounts on repairs when they do arise. To get your air conditioner serviced, call us today.    

How often should home air conditioning units be serviced near Plano TX?

A home air conditioning unit should be serviced at least once a year in Plano, TX. It is recommended that you have your air conditioning system serviced right before the peak cooling season to ensure that you are able to spot any repair needs before they lead to system failure. Getting your air conditioning unit serviced right before the cooling season will help your system run better and break down less often. To get your home air conditioning system serviced, give us a call today

Is it necessary to service your home AC unit every year near Plano TX?

Yes, it is necessary to service your home AC unit every year in Plano, TX. The following can happen if you do not have your AC unit serviced: 

  • Your AC unit will not be covered under warranty. 
  • Your AC unit will not last as long. 
  • Your AC unit will require more repairs. 

If you do not have your home AC system serviced regularly it will also break down more often and operate less efficiently. To find out more about getting your home AC unit serviced, call us today

What does a home AC tune up include near Plano TX?

A home AC tune-up typically includes the following in Plano, TX

  • A cleaning of your AC unit. 
  • An inspection of your AC unit. 
  • A lubrication of your AC unit’s parts. 
  • A replacement of your air filter.

Getting your AC system tuned up is a great way to ensure that your AC unit is able to run as efficiently as possible and cost you less on energy bills each month. To get your AC unit tuned up, contact us today

When it’s time for air conditioning repair and seasonal tune-ups, call the experts at Chrome and keep your family comfortable!

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