Air conditioning repair the Colony TXIf you’re looking forward to summer but you’re not looking forward to high cooling bills, then it’s time to call for air conditioning repair in The Colony TX.  Even though you’re not running your AC yet, it’s always wise to get a pre-season checkup before you flip the switch on your thermostat from ‘heat’ to ‘cool.’  A checkup can enable your AC technician to find and repair any little problems that can turn into big problems when the summer heat goes into full swing.  It can also allow him to give your unit a tune-up to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible.

One of the things you should make sure the technician who performs your air conditioning repair in The Colony TX doesn’t miss is your thermostat.  He can check it to make sure it’s functioning properly and he can also give you some advice about newer, better thermostats that can help operate your AC more efficiently to save you money.  If you don’t have one already, ask him about programmable thermostats that can save you an average of $180 a year on your heating and cooling bills.

In general, programmable thermostats come in two types:

☀ The weekday/weekend models that allow you to program one setting for the 5 days a week you work and another setting for the weekend.

☀ The seven-day models that let you program a different setting for every day of the week.

Some of the features that programmable thermostats should offer include:

☀ An adjustable cycle that lets you set the number of times in an hour that your thermostat turns your AC on and off.  They should also have an advanced recovery system that allows the thermostat to turn your air conditioner on or off during an energy-saving period so that you’re always comfortable.

☀ An auto changeover switch that lets the thermostat switch from cool to heat or heat to cool when the Texas weather is at it’s unpredictable best in the early spring or late fall.

☀ A touch-screen menu with clear onscreen prompts to make the thermostat easier to operate than they have been in the past.  They should also have large readouts for temperature and time and a way to remind you – with either a ‘hold’ button or a light – when you’re overriding an energy-saving mode.  The system status – ‘heat’ or ‘cool’ should be clearly displayed and the read-out should have a bright enough display so that you can see it in a dark hallway.

☀ A filter change reminder that will keep track of the last time you changed your AC’s filter and remind you when it’s time to do it again.

☀ A memory-saving feature that will enable the thermostat to save all of your settings in case of a power outage.

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