air conditioning repair Frisco TXAs another Texas summer approaches, the risks of hyperthermia, or too much heat, go up with the thermostat. If your air conditioner breaks, calling air conditioning repair Frisco TX should be a top priority. There are several health problems related to hyperthermia, and you want to lower your risk of contracting them. Here are a few:
1. Heat exhaustion
While the term “heat exhaustion” sounds like something that can be applied to anyone who has a small moment of weakness in the sun, the effects of this can be extremely bad. If you spend a long time in hot environment, say a house with a broken air conditioner, and do not take in enough fluids to regulate your body’s temperature, then you could be at risk for heat exhaustion. An air-conditioned environment is one of the keys to keeping the body temperature regulated and reducing the risk of exhaustion, so call air conditioning repair Frisco TX if you find your machine is not working.

2. Heat cramps
Painful muscle cramps are a red flag that your environment might be too hot. While cramps can typically occur during periods of too much work or exercise and not enough fluid intake, the risk of getting them goes up with the temperature. After all, the higher the temperature around you, the more important fluids become to your health. Calling air conditioning repair Frisco TX can go a long way towards reducing your risk of getting cramps as you work or work out.
3. Heat stroke
This is the most extreme response to being overheated, and typically occurs in those whose bodies are unable to adequately regulate their own temperature. If you live in a hot environment, and Texas is an infamously hot environment, without proper air conditioning in your house to cool you off, your body might not be able to keep itself cool. If the body temperature begins to rise over 104 degrees, the body will begin to cease functioning and will have to be externally cooled. There is also the risk of seizures, choking, and permanent brain damage.

Texas is known to be a hot environment, and there a number of health problems related to hyperthermia and too much heat. The human body can only take so much heat-related stress. If the air conditioning in your home or work is broken, and you anticipate many hot Texas days ahead, call Chrome air conditioning repair Frisco TX at 469-238-8104. Your health, and the health of those around you, may depend upon it.

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