Air conditioning repair The Colony TXWhen the heat of summer starts, you turn on your air conditioner knowing that it will keep you and your family cool through those long, hot months.  But sometimes, moving your thermostat from heat to cool doesn’t always result in the cooling you’re hoping for.  Before you call for air conditioning repair in The Colony TX, do some troubleshooting to see if you can get your unit up and running.

If your system isn’t running:
▪  Check your thermostat to make sure it’s set to “cool.”  And make sure the temperature is set lower than the indoor temperature of your house or you unit won’t know that it’s supposed to turn on.
▪  Check outside to make sure your condenser is working.  If your thermostat is set correctly but the outside unit isn’t running, check your circuit breakers to make sure they’re all set to “on.”
▪  Check the main power switch for your air conditioner.  It’s usually located outside next to the condenser and should be set to “on.”
▪  Check to see if the blower motor in your inside unit is running.  If it isn’t, make sure that the switch for unit is on.
▪  If all of your switches and circuit breakers are on and your thermostat is set correctly and your unit still isn’t running, call for air conditioning repair in The Colony TX for professional help.

If your system isn’t cooling enough:

▪  Check your AC filter.  This is usually the culprit when your home isn’t as cool as it should be.  If your filter is dirty, change it and try to remember to change filters every month.  If your filter gets too clogged, it can cause your unit to fail by blocking the proper airflow.
▪  Check your return air grills to make sure they’re not blocked.  Your air conditioner uses return grills to pull air back into the system so that it can be cooled.  Blocking the grills with furniture or other obstructions can cause your air conditioner not to work properly.
▪  Check all of the registers that blow cold air out to make sure they’re completely open.
▪  If these simple steps don’t improve the amount of cool air blowing from your system, call for air conditioning repair in The Colony TX.

Some other problems you may have that could mean you need help:
▪  Your air conditioner cycles on and off frequently and still can’t seem to keep up with cooling.
▪  Your indoor humidity level seems to be unusually high.
▪  Your unit runs but the air coming out of the registers is warm.

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