Air conditioning repair Allen TXWhen you live in North Texas, you know how your home air conditioner struggles to keep up with the heat.  There are times when you may have to call air conditioning repair in Allen TX to figure out why it isn’t cooling efficiently.  And though your AC technician will probably run a complete check on your system, he will tell you that very often, the problem isn’t with the air conditioning unit.   If you change your AC unit’s filters every month to keep them from slowing down the airflow through the system, then your air conditioner may be having a hard time keeping your home at the temperature you set on the thermostat because of what you’re doing or not doing in the rest of the house.

Ask the technician who does your air conditioning repair in Allen TX to check your ductwork for cracks, splits or holes where cool air could be leaking.  He should also check for adequate wrap-around insulation around all ductwork and for leaks that can occur at the point where the ductwork connects to vents and registers.  The technician should check your attic insulation to make sure it’s sufficient to keep cool air from escaping into the attic space.

In the rest of your house, make sure that you keep your shades or blinds closed during the hottest part of the day or when the sun will be shining directly through your windows.  If you have outdoor awnings covering windows or patio doors, make sure they’re fully extended.  Try not to use your oven in the heat of the day.  If you can, cook with your microwave as much as possible.  Your oven raises the temperature inside your home while it’s working and while it’s cooling off.  Keep your ceiling fans running.  It uses a minimal amount of energy which will be offset by turning your thermostat up 5 degrees.  Turning the thermostat up while using ceiling fans can lower your cooling bill by 10 percent.

Make the switch to energy-saving light bulbs.  Less than 10 percent of the energy produced by incandescent bulbs produces light.  The other 90 percent produces heat.  If you have incandescent bulbs in all of your fixtures, your are increasinging the temperature inside your home unnecessarily.  If you have called in a technician in air conditioning repair in Allen TX, ask him about programmable thermostats.  He should be able to recommend and install a thermostat that will let you regulate the temperature inside your home even while you’re away from it.  Letting your thermostat adjust your home’s temperature will keep you from cooling it too much when it’s empty and will insure that the temperature setting is adjusted to keep you comfortable when you walk in the door.

Following these simple steps will not only help your air conditioner to cool more efficiently, which will extend the life of your unit, it will also lower your monthly electric bills.  For the best air conditioning service in the North Texas area, call Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning at 469-238-8104 and visit for valuable coupons.  Our technicians will completely examine your air conditioning system from top to bottom and give you pointers for making sure it runs at peak efficiency.

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