air conditioner Frisco TXWhen it comes time to replace an old or malfunctioning air conditioner, there are many factors to consider. Cost, efficiency and environmental impact are the main concerns for air conditioner Frisco TX. And, of course, you’ll want an A/C system that’s easy to adjust and maintain between checkups from your HVAC contractor. Here are a few things to think about before installing a new air conditioning system.

1- Choose the right size air conditioner for your home.

About 80% of new homes Frisco TX and throughout the United States are built with central air conditioning systems. Some older homes may have outdated or poorly functioning AC units and need a new system. A homeowner should discuss the purported size of the AC system with their contractor during the planning stages. A large size air conditioner isn’t necessarily better. It may waste energy, be too noisy and result in higher electric bills. When determining the size of a new air conditioner Frisco TX, take into account several factors, including your home’s square footage, the number of windows in your house, their size, type and the direction they face, your home’s layout and the amount of sun and shade exposure it receives. Have your contractor do an energy audit to check up on the exact amount of AC power you’ll need.

2- Look for Energy-Efficient Central Air Units

Today’s central air conditioning systems must meet certain federal energy-savings standards. This rating is called SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. All air conditioners manufactured after 2006 were required to have a SEER of 13 or more. According to the Department of Energy, the best-functioning and longest lasting air conditioners have a filter check light, automatic delay fan switch, an EER (high-temperature rating) of more than 11.6 for best operation during extremely hot weather.

3- Determine the Best Location for the New Air Conditioning System

Ensure that your air conditioner Frisco TX runs smoothly by making sure that there are enough registers to return hot air from your house back to the AC unit. The contractor Frisco TX should provide an access door in the duct or furnace so the evaporator coil can be reached for cleaning. Ducts should be sized according to Manual D of the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) , and placed in the space to be air conditioned not in the attic when possible.

4- Consider a Geothermal System

Even though most homes have central air or window air conditioners, there are other cooling options. A geothermal system is a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice. A compact geothermal heat pump harnesses the power of the earth to heat and cool your home, saving you up to 70% in cooling and heating bills annually. You won’t need to deal with flame, loud start-up noise or a bulky outdoor unit. One small heat pump will heat and cool your home and provide it with hot water. Geothermal pumps require little maintenance, but initial installation generally costs more than traditional units.

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