Let an HVAC Contractor Frisco TX Save You From The Cold

HVAC contractor frisco TXPart of our job as an HVAC contractor Frisco TX is helping homeowners to reduce their monthly bills while being comfortable year-round. With that in mind, we would like to offer the following tips for slashing your utility costs while staying warm and cozy this winter.

  • Checks the areas around doors and windows for drafts. Use caulking, weatherstripping, or other products as necessary to eliminate air leaks.
  • If your windows are leaking very badly, then you may wish to consider having them replaced with new, high-efficiency units that offer superior insulative ability.  While this may cost you upfront, the investment can pay for itself over time with lower bills.
  • Wall switches and power outlets can allow cold air to pour into your home.  Foam gaskets are available at most home improvement centers that fit easily behind outlet covers.
  • Keep the damper closed in your fireplace unless a fire is going.  This alone can save you big bucks during the cold season.
  • While your home’s climate control system is running, check the ductwork for leaks.  Sometimes homeowners can repair leaking ducts themselves; other times it’s best to call an HVAC contractor Frisco TX for help.
  • Check the insulation in your attic. Older homes especially tend to have little or no insulation in this area. Fixing this issue can have a dramatic effect on how much you pay for heating.
  • The door or hatch leading to your attic is another spot where heat can escape.  Weatherstripping and insulating this spot is almost always a good idea.
  • If there are cut-out holes running from the main part of your home into the attic, then heat will follow these routes and make it harder to stay comfortable during the winter. These areas are easily filled using foam insulation.
  • Check all your heating vents to make sure they’re not blocked by furniture or other items.  Also, be sure to shut off heating vents in rooms that are never used.
  • If your ceiling fans have reversible switches, then adjust them so that air is pulled upwards during the winter. This will help to recirculate heat throughout the room.
  • If you haven’t already done so, then consider installing a programmable thermostat in your home. This may require the services of an HVAC contractor Frisco TX, but the investment will more than pay for itself over time.
  • Call us at Chrome Heating and Air if we can help in any way. We handle the full range of climate control services, including duct sealing, installations, seasonal tune-ups, and air quality checks. We look forward to earning your business.

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