AC Repair Plano TXEven though the weather outside is cold and icy, warm weather is right around the corner. When the warm weather hits and you crank up your air conditioner, you want it to work; you don’t want to have to call for AC repair in Plano TX before you can use your air conditioner.  The best thing you can do to prepare for the coming of another hot, Texas summer is to have an HVAC technician conduct a pre-season inspection on your inside and outside units.  What does a typical pre-season check-up entail?
☀ A check of your thermostat to make sure it’s working properly.  A technician may also suggest an energy-saving thermostat if you don’t already have one.  Energy-saving thermostats are programmable and allow you to set them to work only when you’re at home.

☀ Tightening of all electrical connections and a measurement of the current and voltage on all motors.  Bad electrical connections can wear out parts faster and make your unit unsafe to operate.

☀ Lubricating moving parts.  Without proper lubrication, friction in motors can increase and lead to an increase in the amount of electricity you need to operate your AC.

☀ A check of the condensation drain pan and hose inside your house.  A clogged hose or rusted pan can cause water leaks inside your home and can increase the amount of humidity inside your home.

☀ A check of the system controls to make sure that your unit turns on, operates and turns off the way it’s supposed to.

☀ Cleaning of the evaporator and condenser coils.  Dirty coils reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency and can cause it to run longer than it should, costing you more money in higher electric bills.  It can also reduce the life of your equipment.

☀ A check of the refrigerant levels in your air conditioner.  Too much or too little refrigerant can cause your unit to work less efficiently and will result in higher energy bills and shorter AC life.

☀ A cleaning and adjustment, if necessary, of blower components to ensure proper airflow from your air conditioner.

You can also do your part to avoid an AC repair in Plano TX before and during the months when your air conditioner is working its hardest.  Change your air conditioner’s filters every month.  Clogged, dirty filters can greatly reduce the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner and can allow a build-up of dirt and debris that can damage your unit.  If you’re unsure how to do it, ask your HVAC technician for help.   When you’re ready to schedule your pre-summer air conditioner check-up to avoid a summer AC repair in Plano TX, call us at Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning at 469-238-8104.  And visit to learn more and to find valuable coupons.
Photo Credit:  © Yuriy_Vlasenko