AC Repair Plano TXIf you’ve had your pre-summer check-up done by a company that does AC repair in Plano, TX and the verdict is that it’s time to replace your unit, make sure you get as much information as possible before you make a purchase that is going to be one of the more expensive ones you’ll make for your home.  What’s your job when it comes to an AC replacement?

✓  Choose the contractor you buy from wisely.  While it may seem the easy route to just let the company that did your check-up or previous AC repair in Plano, TX put in your new air conditioner, it’s wise to get a few estimates from different companies.  Remember, this is a big expenditure and one you’ll have to live with for at least another 10 years.  Ask friends and family for referrals and check out any company you may be considering online.  The Better Business Bureau website will allow you to see if any complaints were filed against an air conditioning installation or repair company.

✓  Take your contractor’s advice.  Once you’ve chosen an AC company you feel you can trust, listen to what their representative tells you about the kind and size air conditioner you need for your home.  He can tell you which brands he installs and what all of their pros and cons are.  Feel free to give him your input – for instance, you may want something a little more expensive if it’s energy-efficient and saves you money down the line – so that he can narrow down the list of options he gives you.

✓  Look up SEER ratings and what they mean.  Actually, knowing a few basic AC terms can help you understand better what your contractor is telling you.  SEER is one of the more important ones, though, and refers to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  It’s a number from 13 to 21 and is assigned to products given the Energy Star label by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  The higher the SEER number, the more efficiently – and less expensively – your unit will run.

✓  Have your ductwork inspected.  It doesn’t make sense to replace your air conditioner but keep ducts that might be leaking or have come detached from the unit.  Your AC contractor can make an inspection to see if any of your ductwork needs to be replaced or repaired.

✓  Replace your entire HVAC system.   It’s wise to replace both the outside condenser unit and the inside furnace and air handler.  The two components are likely the same age so they should be replaced together.  This means that you’ll get both new components from the same manufacturer to ensure that they work together the right way.

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