ac repair frisco tx | Frisco, TXWhen something goes wrong with your home air conditioner, it can be tempting to think that fixing it yourself is a good idea.  You’ve seen diagrams online of how air conditioners work and you don’t really need the expense of a qualified ac repair Frisco TX technician and, really, how hard could it be to fix your own air conditioner? Well, pretty hard actually.  These are some things you should think about before you head out to the back yard with your tool belt and a wish-me-luck thumbs up to the family:

Electricity – The average home air conditioning unit requires 220 or 240 volts of electricity – enough to kill you if you don’t know your way around an air conditioner.  You might think you’ve stopped electricity from flowing to whatever part of the AC you’re working on, but you could be wrong.  Saving a few dollars by not calling a repairman isn’t worth your life.

Diagnostics –  Trained technicians know from your AC’s symptoms what the problem with your air conditioner is and where to look to find the parts that are malfunctioning.   With a parts breakdown and a troubleshooting guide in your hand, you still won’t be able to tell exactly which parts (if any) need replacing.  You could unintentionally do more harm than good by tinkering with the inner workings of your indoor or outdoor unit without knowing exactly what you’re doing.

Refrigerant –  One of the more common air conditioner problems is that it blows warm air instead of cold.  You may have read somewhere that this means that your problem could be a refrigerant leak but it doesn’t mean that you are qualified to handle the refrigerant. Older units use ozone-depleting freon as a refrigerant. Mishandling it could mean accidentally releasing it into the atmosphere.  Newer units with more environmentally-friendly refrigerant still require special handling. This is something the average homeowner is not trained in or has the equipment to work with.

Parts –  So now you’ve opened up your condenser or evaporator and you think you’ve identified the part that needs to be replaced.  Do you have it?  Of course not.  Can you find it in a store or online quickly?  Probably not.  When a repairman trained in ac repair Frisco TX comes to your home, he will have the parts that are necessary for your model of air conditioner and that will fix the most common air conditioning problems.

Warranty –  When you try to fix an air conditioner problem yourself, you run the very real risk of doing more damage than good.  If your AC is still under warranty, this could cause the warranty to be voided.  Only a properly-trained AC technician can fix your unit the right way so that you can avoid warranty problems.

Electricity –  In case you forgot.

There are many things that you can do, as a homeowner, to keep your air conditioner from breaking down and to keep it working efficiently – from keeping vents unblocked to changing your air filter regularly.  When your air conditioner does break down, it’s time to call in the professionals at Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning ac repair Frisco TX at 469-238-8104.  We have the training, the tools and the parts to do the job right.

ac repair frisco tx
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