Plano, TexasIt’s that refreshing time of year when the weather is beginning to warm up and the flowers are blooming. No more frosty, winter nights and bundling up! Unfortunately, the moderate spring weather does not generally last too long and is quickly overtaken by the blistering heat of summer. Homeowners are often caught unprepared for the drastic change in season, and they have to suffer for a time while trying to get their home air conditioning unit in order. There is simply no substitute for a well-maintained air conditioner. Our knowledgeable AC repair company Plano TX can help you there. The first step to comfort during the sweltering months is to have a check-up on your system, and any maintenance or repairs that need to be done.

Once you are assured that your unit works properly, you can do even more to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the day. These simple “tricks” help take off some of the strain your air conditioner experiences, as it will not have to work quite as hard to keep the cool in and the heat out. Here are some suggestions from our AC repair company Plano TX to help your air conditioner be more effective this summer.

Close Those Curtains

Many of us love the happy rays of sunshine that make their way into our homes through the windows. On particularly hot days, however, they can really heat things up. During the hottest parts of the day, including mid-to-late afternoon, consider closing your curtains. If that is a lot to ask, you can close only the windows that have the most exposure to direct sunlight. This includes those windows that are facing east or west, depending on the time of day. Blocking the light in this way helps your air conditioning unit work just a bit less, as it is not fighting directly with the sun.

Seal Up Leaks

Many homes have areas that leak. The most problematic areas are generally around windows and doorways. Take a look at these areas and see if you can find holes and leaks. You may be able to tell by simply looking, or you can put your hand against it to see if air is coming through from outside. If you are dealing with leaks, your air conditioner will once again be working harder for worse results. It will experience strain, run longer, and cost you more in utilities. A simple fix is to caulk and weatherstrip to patch up these holes.

Schedule Chores Wisely

Have you ever considered how much of an impact your daily routine has on the heating or cooling of your home? This is especially true with cooking or laundry. When the oven is on, your home is going to heat up quite a bit. It is a great way to heat your home up in winter, but it can really make things toasty on summer afternoons. Try to schedule your chores at times when it is not quite so hot outside, whether in the early morning or evening.

These are simple ways to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. But once again, there is just no substitute for a unit that runs effectively. Let our experts help you. If you are in need of a unit check-up, maintenance, repairs, or replacements, give our AC repair company Plano TX a call. You can also visit us online at

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