AC repair the Colony TXWinter may be in the air but that doesn’t mean that the AC is off. AC repair in The Colony TX keeps busy all year round. Texas has always been know for hot summer temps but that doesn’t mean winter is always about Jack Frost. January might be considered a winter month but spring and summer are not far away. It is important to keep our system in peak condition.

Unfortunately there will be times when the need to call an ac repair in The Colony TX may arise. There are signs to look for that give you a heads up to a problem. Take a look at a few.

The purpose of an AC is to keep you cool. If the air coming from the AC unit isn’t very cool then there is probably a problem. No cool air could indicate that the compressor has failed. Little cool air could also have to do with the levels of Freon. If either of these problems should occur you need to call a repair service. The worst scenario is the need to replace the entire unit.

If your air flow coming from your vents is minimal there could be several possible problems. If some rooms are cooler than others the problem might be in the duct work. Debris could be stuck in the vents which not only disrupts the flow but could also lead to health issues. Having a professional clean your ducts could bring a great improvement to the airflow.

Sometimes the thermostat is the culprit and not the unit. Uneven room temperatures is also a sign of possible thermostat issues.

If leakage or moisture is found around the unit there are two major concerns. The most dangerous concern is a refrigerant leak. This could lead to severe health problems. Moisture or leakage could also be caused from a blockage in the drain tubes.

Strange sounds are never comforting. Sounds are generally coming from the inside. Belt problems often come from loose belts. When you hear unusual sounds you need to call an AC repair service before too much damage is done.

Strange smells and odors coming from the vents is usually related to the insulation. Clogged duct work can also illicit smells and odors.

AC units are nothing to neglect. Chrome Heating & Air Control knows all about ac repair in The Colony TX. Don’t let the problems worsen. Let the experts check your unit out then sit back and stay cool.


Photo Credit:  S o n a r