AC repair Allen TXIt may be cold outside right now but summer is coming.  In North Texas, that means many months – not just the summer ones – of blazing heat.  When that heat hits, you don’t want to have to worry about AC repair in Allen TX; you just want to turn on your air conditioner and get cool.  The problem is that air conditioners, like most of the appliances in our homes, require some kind of maintenance to allow them to do their jobs the right way.   Here’s what you can do to avoid an expensive AC repair in Allen TX this coming summer and to keep your home cool and comfortable:

Change Your AC Filters Regularly.   The importance of changing your air conditioner’s filters once a month during the peak season can’t be overstated.  As a homeowner, this should be on your monthly maintenance checklist.  Filters trap dirt and keep it out of your air conditioner.  Dirty filters, at best, will cause your unit to work harder and longer, which costs money.  At worst, dirty filters can lead to the premature breakdown of the internal parts of your AC.

Keep Registers Clear and Clean Your Ductwork.   Always make sure that your registers, the louvered inserts in your ceiling or walls, are not blocked by furniture, drapes or anything else that might impede air flow.  In addition, make sure that your ducts are clean so that when you do turn on your AC, it doesn’t blow dust and contaminants all over your home.  Since the ductwork is in the walls and above the ceiling, you’ll only be able to see a portion of them if you remove the registers; but it’s important to keep what you can see clean.  If necessary, you can have a professional clean the rest of your ductwork before summer.

Keep Your Outdoor AC Unit Clean.   The condenser, the outside part of your AC unit, must be kept clean from grass clippings, weeds and even insect infestations to run optimally.  You should inspect your condenser before you run your air conditioner for the first time and all summer long to make sure the fins aren’t obstructed.  If you see dirt and debris on the unit, use the shower setting on your garden hose spray nozzle to gently clean it.  Since ants are often drawn to the electricity in your condenser, you should use a flashlight to see inside the unit to look for an infestation.  If you find one, you will likely have to call for professional help in getting rid of it.

Get A Pre-Season Check-up.   Call your favorite specialist in AC repair in Allen TX to take a look at your air conditioner before you have to use it.  A trained technician will thoroughly inspect the inside and outside units, ducts and registers to make sure everything is working as it should.  Even if your air conditioner worked well before you turned it off for the winter, that doesn’t mean it will work well when you turn it back on again.  A pre-season check can spot problems before they become big enough to cause a total breakdown of your appliance.

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