5 Ways to Save Energy this Fall

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How to Save Energy with Your Home Heating System near Plano

For more energy-efficient heating near Plano, you can’t go wrong with these five tips. While some of them involve a certain amount of expense, taking these precautions will pay off over time.

1. Weather-stripping

If there are gaps and cracks in the attic, doors, and windows, you’ll lose warm air before you know it. Seal these with caulk, foam tape or another effective sealant. If weather-stripping has already been done, double-check these areas because seals can deteriorate over time.

2. Programming the Thermostat

You can save on your energy bills by lowering the temperature (the mid-60s is the usual recommendation) on your thermostat before sleeping or going out. This is much better than turning the thermostat off altogether. A programmable thermostat will offer the best energy efficiency.

3. Replacing the Air Filter

Air filters gather dirt and debris, and if they are not replaced, that buildup can adversely affect the heating unit’s performance. Pleated air filters are to be replaced every six months at the most, and fiberglass ones should be changed every 30 days.

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4. Using Space Heaters

If you only need one or two rooms heated, then space heaters will be ideal. They provide no benefits, though, if you use them in any other way than sparingly.

5. Upgrading the Insulation

First, you’ll need to find out the type of your insulation, its thickness and its R-value (that is, how well it resists heat flow). You can add more of the same insulation or replace it with something that boasts a higher R-value.

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