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Air Conditioning Repair Frisco TX: Reduce Allergens With AC Maintenance

Air conditioning repair Frisco TXSpring is in the air and so are spring allergens; but as bad as the pollen floating around outside can be for your allergies or asthma, did you know that indoor allergens can actually be worse? That’s why it’s important for you to get a company you trust for your air conditioning repair in Frisco TX to give your unit a thorough going-over to make sure that it’s functioning correctly and that you’re using the right filters to keep allergens from circulating throughout your home.

Common indoor allergens like mold, pet dander, dust mites, cockroach droppings and pollen can become airborne and, when you breathe them in, they can trigger an allergic reaction.  This is especially bad for children or the elderly who have severe allergies or asthma.  Because it takes in and expels air into your home, your air conditioning system can both harbor and spread many of these allergens that cling to the ducts, vents and other components.

Regular maintenance by the company who handles your air conditioning repair in Frisco TX will allow the technician to spot mold growth so that it can be remediated.  If you spot signs of mold around ducts and vents or on any of the AC components, call for help.  You may require a thorough duct cleaning in addition to your regular check-up.  One of the most important things you can do to keep allergens to a minimum inside your home is to check and change air filters regularly – usually once a month.

When you purchase air filters for your home, make sure to take note of their MERV ratings.  MERV or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value is a rating system devised by The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers and it lets you know how much filtration you’re going to get from your air filters.  The least expensive filters are flat-panel filters and they usually carry a MERV rating of 1 to 4.  Pleated or medium-efficiency filters have a higher MERV rating, between 5 and 13.  There are filters that filter smaller particulates and carry higher MERV ratings – 14 to 20 – but these put too much strain on the average home air conditioner.  For that reason, you should choose a medium-efficiency, pleated filter for your home unit.

If you need advice about the right filter for your home, especially if you or someone in your family suffers from severe allergies, call us at Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning at (469) 252-0599.  We can give your unit a spring check-up and take care of any air conditioning repair in Frisco TX that you might need.  Visit us online at www.chromeairconditioning.com to find valuable coupons.

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AC Repair In Plano, TX: What You Should Do When It’s Time To Replace Your AC

AC Repair Plano TXIf you’ve had your pre-summer check-up done by a company that does AC repair in Plano, TX and the verdict is that it’s time to replace your unit, make sure you get as much information as possible before you make a purchase that is going to be one of the more expensive ones you’ll make for your home.  What’s your job when it comes to an AC replacement?

✓  Choose the contractor you buy from wisely.  While it may seem the easy route to just let the company that did your check-up or previous AC repair in Plano, TX put in your new air conditioner, it’s wise to get a few estimates from different companies.  Remember, this is a big expenditure and one you’ll have to live with for at least another 10 years.  Ask friends and family for referrals and check out any company you may be considering online.  The Better Business Bureau website will allow you to see if any complaints were filed against an air conditioning installation or repair company.

✓  Take your contractor’s advice.  Once you’ve chosen an AC company you feel you can trust, listen to what their representative tells you about the kind and size air conditioner you need for your home.  He can tell you which brands he installs and what all of their pros and cons are.  Feel free to give him your input – for instance, you may want something a little more expensive if it’s energy-efficient and saves you money down the line – so that he can narrow down the list of options he gives you.

✓  Look up SEER ratings and what they mean.  Actually, knowing a few basic AC terms can help you understand better what your contractor is telling you.  SEER is one of the more important ones, though, and refers to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  It’s a number from 13 to 21 and is assigned to products given the Energy Star label by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  The higher the SEER number, the more efficiently – and less expensively – your unit will run.

✓  Have your ductwork inspected.  It doesn’t make sense to replace your air conditioner but keep ducts that might be leaking or have come detached from the unit.  Your AC contractor can make an inspection to see if any of your ductwork needs to be replaced or repaired.

✓  Replace your entire HVAC system.   It’s wise to replace both the outside condenser unit and the inside furnace and air handler.  The two components are likely the same age so they should be replaced together.  This means that you’ll get both new components from the same manufacturer to ensure that they work together the right way.

If you’re ready for a pre-summer inspection or you need AC repair in Plano, TX, call us at Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning at (469) 252-0599.  We can repair or replace your air conditioner if necessary and give you the best possible service.  Visit us online at www.chromeairconditioning.com to find out more about us and to look for special offers

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Chrome AC Repair Frisco TX: Keeping Your AC Running Has Never Been So Easy

AC Repair Frisco TXWhen your AC unit goes out do you know who to call? Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning, your AC Repair Frisco TX experts. With countless years in the Heating and Air Conditioning Industry we have a team of technicians with the skills and know how to keep your AC running and your home cool. From maintenance to repairs and install, we take pride in having all of your cooling needs covered. Before the sizzling Texas summer begins make sure your AC will run properly and keep you cool with your experts at Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning. Call your AC Repair Frisco TX experts today at 469-252-0599.

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Regular Maintenance Will Help Prevent AC Repair Allen TX

AC Repair Allen TXGetting the right AC repair in Allen TX is essential to keeping your home comfortable in the warm summer months. When your air conditioning breaks down in the summer it leaves you exposed to the dangerous heat of a Texas summer, making your home an oven rather than the haven from the heat that it should be. People will keep their air conditioners off through the winter, and then fail to take the time to check and make sure that their air conditioning is working properly before the real heat of summer rolls around. Instead, people will wait until the first real heat wave. They will be confronted by high Texas temperatures and go to turn on the air conditioning, only to discover that while their air conditioning was off for the winter, it has broken down. When your air conditioning is already broken, then you get stuck spending days at the mercy of the heat while you wait for a repair person to come and check the air conditioning, and then get stuck waiting even longer for the right parts to come in so the air conditioner can be repaired.

However, if you are proactive about your AC repair in Allen TX you can avoid this problem. You can’t avoid problems with your air conditioner appearing. It’s a law of nature that all systems will degrade and break down over time. But knowing that problems will eventually turn up with your air conditioner mean that you can be proactive about keeping your air conditioner running at peak efficiency. Rather than waiting for your air conditioning to give out and leave you without its protection during the warm summer months, it is best for you to keep your air conditioning maintained. Regular maintenance for your AC means that you will be able to head off air conditioning issues before they become outright problems. Small issues with the air conditioning can be handled before they have the chance to grow into the kind of problem that will leave you without air conditioning.

In order to keep your air conditioning running just the way it should, you need to rely on Chrome Heating and Air Conditioning to provide you with AC repair in Allen TX. Their experience means that they will be able to run all the necessary checks to keep your air conditioning from surprising you by going out. When you have regular maintenance your air conditioning will always be there when you need it.  Contact them at http://www.chromeairconditioning.com to find out more about how they can help you.

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AC Repair McKinney TX: Should You Repair Or Replace Your AC Unit?

AC Repair McKinney TXSummer is coming and in North Texas, that means lots of heat all the way to Halloween and sometimes beyond.  With that much heat on the way, you’re going to want your air conditioner to be up to the job and if you’ve had to call for AC repair in McKinney TX more than once in the last couple of years, you’re probably not sure if it will be able to keep your house cool.  So, before the heat hits, you’re going to have to decide on more repairs or replacing your old unit. What are the things you should consider before you make the decision?

  • Is your AC more than 10 years old?   After 10 years, even the best air conditioner starts to lose its cooling efficiency plus the older the unit is the harder it is to find parts when you do need AC repair in McKinney TX.  A common rule for deciding between replacing or repairing an air conditioner is the $5000 rule.  Multiply the cost of a repair by the number of years you’ve had your AC.  If the result is less than $5000, than you should repair it.  If the result is more than $5000, than you should replace it.


  • Are your energy bills steadily rising?   Even if you use your AC the same way every summer, have you noticed that your energy bills have risen substantially?  Heating and cooling your home accounts for almost half of the average family’s monthly energy costs so if yours has gone up than an increasingly-inefficient air conditioner is the likely cause.


  • Has your AC been repaired often?   Have you called for AC repair in McKinney TX too many times in the last few years?  Air conditioners usually perform well without repairs for many years so if yours isn’t working properly without frequent visits from a repairman than you should consider replacing it.


  • Do you simply want a more energy-efficient system?   The newer the system, the more likely it will be more energy-efficient than your older unit, especially if it has an Energy Star label.  Energy Star is a government-backed labeling program that helps consumers (and others) find equipment that has superior energy efficiency.  A newer air conditioner with an Energy Star label, installed properly, can save you up to 20 percent on your energy bills.


If you feel your air conditioner is in need of an AC repair in McKinney TX, call Chrome Heating & Air Conditioning at (469) 252-0599.  Our technicians can evaluate your air conditioner’s problem and help you to decide if you should repair or replace it.  Visit us online at www.chromeairconditioning.com to find out more.

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